Zhongkui Hong

Zhongkui Hong, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of South Dakota
Biomedical Engineering
(605) 275-7468

Dr. Hong is Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at University of South Dakota. He holds a PhD in Polymer chemistry and physics, a MS in Material science, and a BS in Chemical engineering. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and presented over 30 podium and poster presentations at international conferences. His works have received over 2000 citations. His research is currently supported by the American Heart Association (AHA) and South Dakota State Board of Regents.

Areas of expertise:
Atomic force micrscopy (AFM); 2D and 3D cell migration; molecular, cellular and tissue biomechanics; biomedical signal processing; vascular tissue engineering

Selected publications:

Hong, Kwangseok, Zhao, Guiling, Hong, Zhongkui, Sun, Zhe, Yang, Yan, Clifford, Philip S., Davis, Michael J., Meininger, Gerald A., and Hill, Mike A. Mechanical activation of angiotensin II type 1 receptors causes actin remodelling and myogenic responsiveness in skeletal muscle arterioles. The Journal of Physiology, 2016;594(23):7027-7047

Hong Zhongkui, K.J. Reeves, Z. Sun, Z. Li, N.J. Brown, and G.A. Meininger. Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Stiffness and Adhesion to Collagen I Modified by Vasoactive Agonists. 2015 PLoS ONE, 2015;10(3):e0119533

Sehgel Nancy L, Z. Sun, Z. Hong, W.C. Hunter, M.A. Hill, D.E. Vatner, S.F. Vatner, G.A. Meininger. Augmented vascular smooth muscle cell stiffness and extracellular matrix adhesion when hypertension is superimposed on aging. Hypertension, 2015;65(2):370-7.

Staiculescu Marius C., F.I. Ramirez-Perez, J.A. Castorena-Gonzalez, Z. Hong, Z. Sun, G.A. Meininger, L.A. Martinez-Lemus. Lysophosphatidic acid induces integrin activation in vascular smooth muscle and alters arteriolar myogenic vasoconstriction. Frontiers in Physiology, 2014 2014;5(413):1-12.

Hong Zhongkui, Z. Sun, M. Li, Z. Li, F. Bunyak, I. Ersoy, J.P. Trzeciakowski , M.C. Staiculescu, M. Jin, L. Martinez-Lemus, M.A. Hill, K. Palaniappan, and G.A. Meininger. Vasoactive agonists exert dynamic and coordinated effects on vascular smooth muscle cell elasticity, cytoskeletal remodeling and adhesion. The Journal of Physiology, 2014; 592(6): 1249–1266.

Sehgel Nancy L., Y. Zhu, Z. Sun, J.P. Trzeciakowski, Z. Hong, W.C. Hunter, D.E. Vatner, G.A. Meininger, and S.F. Vatner. Increased vascular smooth muscle cell stiffness: a novel mechanism for aortic stiffness in hypertension. American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology 2013; 305: H1281-7.

Hong Zhongkui, I. Ersoy, M. Sun, F. Bunyak, P. Hampel, Z. Hong, Z. Sun, Z. Li, I. Levitan, G.A. Meininger, and K. Palaniappan. Influence of Membrane Cholesterol and Substrate Elasticity on Endothelial Cell Spreading Behavior. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research A 2013; 101A: 1994–2004.

Hong Zhongkui, Z. Sun, Z. Li, W.-T. Mesquitta, J.P. Trzeciakowski, and G.A. Meininger. Coordination of Fibronectin Adhesion with Contraction and Relaxation in Microvascular Smooth Muscle. Cardiovascular Research 2012; 96(1): 73-80.

Hong Zhongkui, M.C. Staiculescu, P. Hampel, I. Levitan, G. Forgacs. How cholesterol regulates endothelial biomechanics. Frontiers in Physiology 2012;  3: 426

Zhu Yi, H. Qiu, J.P. Trzeciakowski, Z. Sun, Z. Li, Z. Hong, M.A. Hill, W.C. Hunter, D.E. Vatner, S. F. Vatner, G.A. Meininger. Temporal analysis of vascular smooth muscle cell elasticity and adhesion reveals oscillation waveforms that differ with aging. Aging Cell 2012; 11(5): 741-750.


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