Erliang Zeng

Erliang Zeng, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of South Dakota
Biology & Computer Science
(605) 677-6335

Dr. Zeng is an assistant professor at USD with a joint appointment to the Department of Biology and the Department of Computer Science. He is also the director of the BioComs Lab (bioinformatics and computational systems biology laboratory) at USD. Prior to joining USD, Dr. Zeng was a research assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame (ND) and the managing director of ND bioinformatics core facility. He was a post-doctoral associate at the University of Miami after receiving his PhD in computer science from the Florida International University in 2008. He also received a MS in biochemistry and molecular biology (2001) and a BS in biotechnology (1998) from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Areas of expertise:
Bioinformatics, computational systems biology, biological data mining, functional genomics

Selected publications:
Grausam, Katie B., Dooyema, Samuel D., Bihannic, Laure, Premathilake, Hasitha, Morrissy, Sorana, Forget, Antoine, Schaefer, Amanda M., Gundelach, Justin H., Macura, Slobodan, Maher, Diane M., Wang, Xin, Heglin, Alex H., Ge, Xijin, Zeng, Erliang, Puget, Stephanie, Chandrasekar, Indra, Surendran, Kameswaran, Bram, Richard J., Schüller, Ulrich, Taylor, Michael D., Ayrault, Olivier, and Zhao, Haotian. ATOH1 promotes leptomeningeal dissemination and metastasis of Sonic Hedgehog subgroup medulloblastomas. Cancer Research, 2017. 

Li, Li, Grausam, Katie B., Wang, Jun, Lun, Melody P., Ohli, Jasmin, Lidov, Hart G., Calicchio, Monica L., Zeng, Erliang, Salisbury, Jeffrey L., Wechsler-Reya, Robert J., Lehtinen, Maria K., Schu?ller, Ulrich, and Zhao, Haotian. Sonic Hedgehog promotes proliferation of Notch-dependent monociliated choroid plexus tumour cells. Nature Cell Biology, 2016.

Zeng, Erliang, Zhang, Wei, Emrich, Scott, Liu, Dan, Livermore, Josh, and Jones, Stuart. A Computational Framework for Integrative Analysis of Large Microbial Genomics Data, 1109 - 1116. Washington D.C.: IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM)), 2015. 

Yampolsky, L Y., Zeng, Erliang, Lopez, J, Williams, P J., Dick, K B., Colbourne, J K., and Pfrender, M E.. Functional genomics of acclimation and adaptation in response to thermal stress in Daphnia, 859. Vol. 15, Iss. 1. BMC genomics, 2014.

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Zeng, Erliang, Ding, C, Narasimhan, G, and Holbrook, S R.. Estimating support for protein-protein interaction data with applications to function prediction, 73-84. Vol. 7. Proceedings of Life Sciences Society Computational Systems Bioinformatics, 2008.


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