Scott Wood, PhD

Assistant Professor
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Nanoscience & Nanoengineering
(605) 394-5268

Dr. Wood’s research focuses on the biomechanics and mechanobiology of chondrocytes as they pertain to the development and prevention of osteoarthritis. Of particular interest to Dr. Wood are cytoskeletal- and integrin-mediated mechanotransduction pathways regulated by interactions with type VI collagen and fibronectin in the pericellular matrix of the chondrocytes. His ultimate goal for this research is to develop and validate a nanomaterial-based therapy that could be used to reverse the progression of osteoarthritis.

Areas of expertise:
Cell and molecular biology, biomechanics, mechanotransduction, fluorescence imaging (including FRET), image processing, thiol-mediated redox signaling, structural proteins, biomaterials, AFM, finite element modeling

Selected publications:
Collins JA, Wood ST, Nelson KJ, Rowe MA, Carlson CS, Chubinskaya S, Poole LB, Furdui CM, Loeser RF. Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress Promotes Peroxiredoxin Hyperoxidation and Attenuates Pro-Survival Signaling in Aging Chondrocytes. The Journal of Biological Chemistry: 2016. 291(13):6641-54.

Wood ST, Long DL, Reisz JA, Yammani RR, Burke EA, Klomsiri C, Poole LB, Furdui CM, Loeser RF. Cysteine-Mediated Redox Regulation of Cell Signaling in Chondrocytes Stimulated with Fibronectin Fragments. Arthritis & Rheumatology: 2016. 68(1):117.
Featured article.

Patel AL, Chen X, Wood ST, Stuart ES, Arcaro KF, Molina DP, Petrovic S, Furdui CM, Tsang AW. Activation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Is Required for Chlamydia Trachomatis Development. BMC Microbiology: 2014. 14(1):277.

Wood ST, Dean BC, Dean D. A Computational Approach to Understand Phenotypic Structure and Constitutive Mechanics Relationships of Single Cells. Annals of Biomedical Engineering: 2013. 41(3):630. Cover article.

Wood ST, Dean BC, Dean D. A linear programming approach to reconstructing subcellular structures from confocal images for automated generation of representative 3D cellular models. Medical Image Analysis: 2013. 17(3):337.

Owczarczak AB, Shuford SO, Wood ST, Deitch S, Dean D. Creating Transient Cell Membrane Pores Using a Standard Inkjet Printer. Journal of Visualized Experiments: 2012. (61):3681. DOI: 10.3791/3681. Named to “JoVE’s Top-10” most viewed articles.

Hemmer JD, Nagatomi J, Wood ST, Vertegel AA, Dean D, LaBerge M. Role of Cytoskeletal Components in Stress Relaxation Behavior of Adherent Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering. Transactions of the ASME: 2009. 131(4):041001.

Markov DA, Dotson S, Wood S, Bornhop DJ. Non-Invasive Fluid Flow Measurements in Microfluidic Channels with Backscatter Interferometry. Electrophoresis: 2004. 25(21-22):3805.

Invited Technical Marketing
Wood, ST. Ground breaking cellular research: Intriguing study on cellular mechanic properties. Simulating Reality magazine: Winter 2012. MSC Software Corporation: Santa Ana, CA. p. 38.


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