Paola Vermeer, PhD

Associate Scientist
Sanford Research
Cancer Biology
(605) 312-6110

Dr. Vermeer obtained her PhD in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, NY, NY.  She did her post-doctoral work at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the laboratory of Dr. Michael J. Welsh where she focused on epithelial cell biology of cystic fibrosis.  She has been running her own research program focused on head and neck cancer at Sanford Research in Sioux Falls, SD. Her team has been studying the development and contribution of nerve fibers to cancer initiation and progression.  In addition, her team focuses on cellular interactions in the tumor microenvironment and how they affect the immune response.  Ultimately, the Vermeer laboratory aims to define novel targets for therapeutic interaction in cancer.

Areas of expertise:
Head and neck cancer, tumor innervation, Ephrin/Eph ligange/receptor systems, epithelial cell biology, ErbB receptor tyrosine kinases

Selected publications:
Vermeer, P.D., Einwalter, L.A., Moninger,T.O., Kern, J., Zabner, J.,Welsh, M.J.  Segregation of Receptor and Ligand in an Epithelium: A Novel Mechanism Regulating Growth Factor Receptor Activation, Nature  422: 322-326, (2003).

Drapkin, P.T., O’Riordan, C., Yi, S.M., Chiorini, J.A., Cardella, J., Zabner, J., Welsh, M.J.  Targeting the Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor Enhances Gene Transfer to Human Airway Epithelia by Increasing Binding and Stimulating Endocytosis, Journal of Clinical Investigation  105:589-596, (2000).

Vermeer, P.D., McHugh, J., Rokhlina, T., Vermeer, D. W., Zabner, J., Welsh, M.J. Vaccinia Virus Entry, Exit, and Interaction with Differentiated Human Airway Epithelia.  Journal of Virology 81: 9891-99.  (2007).

Vermeer PD, Colbert PL, Wieking BG, Vermeer DW, Lee JH. Targeting ERBB receptors shifts their partners and triggers persistent ERK signaling through a novel ERBB-EFNB1 complex. Cancer Research 73(18):5787-97 (2013) PMID: 23811940

Hoover, A.C., Strand, G.L., Nowicki, P.M., Anderson, M.E., Vermeer, P.D., Klingelhutz, A.J., Bossler, A.D., Hendriks, W.J.A.J., Lee, J.H.  Impaired PTPN13 Phosphatase Activity in Spontaneous or HPV-induced Squamous Cell Carcinomas Potentiates Oncogene Signaling via the MAP Kinase Pathway. Oncogene 28: 3960-3970. (2009).

Vermeer DW, Spanos WC, Vermeer PD, Bruns AM, Lee KM, Lee JH.  Radiation-induced loss of cell surface CD47 enhances immune-mediated clearance of human papillomavirus-positive cancer. Int J Cancer. 133 (1):  120-129  (2013).

Vermeer DW, Coppock JD, Zeng E, Lee KM, Spanos WC, Onken MD, Uppaluri R, Lee JH, Vermeer PD. Metastatic model of HPV+ oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma demonstrates heterogeneity in tumor metastasis.  Oncotarget  epub ahead of print.   DOI: 10.18632/oncotarget.8254  (2016).

Coppock JD, Vermeer PD, Vermeer DW, Lee KM, Miskimins KW, Spanos WC, Lee JH. mTOR inhibition as an adjuvant therapy in a metastatic model of HPV+ HNSCC. Oncotarget  epub ahead of print. (2016).


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