Carrie Olson-Manning, PhD

Assistant Professor
Augustana University
(605) 274.4809

Dr. Olson-Manning's work focuses broadly on understanding how biochemical pathways evolve. Metabolic pathways underlie various cellular processes, yet it is unknown how pathways are constructed and by what genetic, biochemical, and biophysical mechanisms pathways evolve. Currently her lab is using ancestral state resurrection to study the evolution of allosteric regulation in the corticosteroid synthesis pathway in vertebrates. They are also studying the evolution of flux control across the Brassicaceae and the genomics of adaptation in milkweeds.

Areas of expertise:
Evolutionary genetics, phylogenetics

Selected publications:
Prasad, Kasavajhala V. S., Bao-Hua Song, Carrie Olson-Manning, Jill T. Anderson, Cheng-Ruei Lee, M. Eric Schranz, Aaron J. Windsor, et al. 2012. “A Gain-of-Function Polymorphism Controlling Complex Traits and Fitness in Nature.” Science 337 (6098). American Association for the Advancement of Science: 1081–84.

Olson-Manning, Carrie F., Maggie R. Wagner, and Thomas Mitchell-Olds. 2012. “Adaptive Evolution: Evaluating Empirical Support for Theoretical Predictions.” Nature Reviews. Genetics 13 (12): 867–77.

Olson-Manning, Carrie F., Cheng-Ruei Lee, Mark D. Rausher, and Thomas Mitchell-Olds. 2013. “Evolution of Flux Control in the Glucosinolate Pathway in Arabidopsis Thaliana.” Molecular Biology and Evolution 30 (1): 14–23.

Olson-Manning, Carrie F., Christopher F. Strock, and Thomas Mitchell-Olds. 2015. “Flux Control in a Defense Pathway in Arabidopsis Thaliana Is Robust to Environmental Perturbations and Controls Variation in Adaptive Traits.” G3 5 (11): 2421–27.


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