Hyeun-Joong Yoon

Hyeun-Joong Yoon, PhD

Assistant Professor
South Dakota State University
Electrical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
(605) 688.4565

Dr. Yoon is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at South Dakota State University. He was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan between 2010 to 2015. He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Ajou University, Korea, respectively. His current research is to develop advanced bioMEMS tools for understanding cell trafficking in cancer through isolation, characterization, and study of circulating tumor cells in the peripheral blood of cancer patients. His goal is to create cutting edge engineering solutions to clinical problems with novel translational biomedical research tools. He has published more than 40 journal and conference papers, including Nature Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Analytical Chemistry, Sensors and Actuators A, B, etc.

Areas of expertise:
Biomedical devices, biosensors, microfluidics, microfabrication, nanomaterials

Selected publications:
Hyeun Joong Yoon, Apoorv Shanker, Yang Wang, Molly Kozminsky, Qu Jin, Nallasivam Palanisamy, Monika L. Burness, Ebrahim Azizi, Diane M. Simeone, Max S. Wicha, Jinsang Kim, and Sunitha Nagrath, “Tunable Thermal-Sensitive Polymer-Graphene Oxide Composite for Efficient Capture and Release of Viable Circulating Tumor Cells,” Advanced Materials, Vol. 28, pp. 4891-4897, 2016.

Yusuke Shiozawa, Janice E. Berry, Matthew R. Eber, Younghun Jung, Kenji Yumoto, Frank C. Cackowski, Hyeun Joong Yoon, Princy Parsana, Rohit Mehra, Jingcheng Wang, Samantha McGee, Eunsohl Lee, Sunitha Nagrath, Kenneth J. Pienta, and Russell S. Taichman, “The marrow niche controls the cancer stem cell phenotype of disseminated prostate cancer,” Oncotarget, Vol. 7, No. 27, pp. 41217-41232, 2016.

Woong Hee Lee, Thitaphat Ngernsutivorakul, Omar S. Mabrouk, Jenny-Marie T. Wong, Colleen E. Dugan, Samuel S. Pappas, Hyeun Joong Yoon, and Robert T. Kennedy, “Microfabrication and in Vivo Performance of a Microdialysis Probe with Embedded Membrane,” Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 88(2), pp. 1230-1237, 2016.

Hyeun Joong Yoon, Molly Kozminsky and Sunitha Nagrath, “Emerging Role of Nanomaterials in Circulating Tumor Cells Research,” ACS Nano, Vol. 8, pp. 1995-2017, 2014.

Tae Hyun Kim, Hyeun Joong Yoon, Philip Stella and Sunitha Nagrath, “Cascaded Spiral Microfluidic Device for Deterministic and High Purity Continuous Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells,” Biomicrofluidics, 8 (6), 064117, 2014.

Hyeun Joong Yoon, Tae Hyun Kim, Zhuo Zhang, Ebrahim Azizi, Trinh M. Pham, Costanza Paoletti, Jules Lin, Nithya Ramnath, Max S. Wicha, Daniel F. Hayes, Diane M. Simeone and Sunitha Nagrath, “Sensitive capture of circulating tumour cells by functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets,” Nature Nanotechnology, Vol. 8, pp. 735-741, 2013.

Hyeun Joong Yoon, Do Han Jun, Jin Ho Yang, Zhixian Zhou, Sang Sik Yang and Mark Ming-Cheng Cheng, “Carbon dioxide gas sensor using a graphene sheet,” Sensors and Actuators B, Vol. 157, pp. 310-313, 2011.

Ming-Wei Lin, Cheng Ling, Yiyang Zhang, Hyeun Joong Yoon, Mark Ming-Cheng Cheng, Luis A Agapito, Nicholas Kioussis, Noppi Widjaja and Zhixian Zhou, “Room-temperature high on/off ratio in suspended graphene nanoribbon field-effect transistors,” Nanotechnology, Vol. 22, pp. 265201, 2011.

Woo Young Sim, Hyeun Joong Yoon, Ok Chan Jeong and Sang Sik Yang,“A Phase-change Type Micropump with Aluminum Flap Valves,” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 286-295, 2003. 3.

Hyeun Joong Yoon, Jung Hoon Kim, Eun Soo Choi, Sang Sik Yang and Kwang Woo Jung, “Fabrication of a novel micro time-of-flight mass spectrometer,” Sensors and Actuators A, Vol. 97-98, Issue 1, pp. 441-447, 2002. 4.


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