Built on the Power of Collaboration

The landscape of biosciences and commercial biotechnology are being changed by the increased ability to generate large-scale biological information and the application of optical technologies to study biological systems. South Dakota has made significant strides in developing academic bioscience and commercial biotechnology.

The BioSystems Networks / Translational Research, or BioSNTR (pronounced "bio-center"), integrates these cutting edge scientific technologies with applications to cell and tissue manipulation to build a knowledge-based bioeconomy in South Dakota.

What is BioSNTR?

BioSNTR is focused on bridging the gap between academia and industry to create a bioeconomy in South Dakota through impact science, via a distributed research initiative based on a systems biology approach and translational research model that advances biotechnology.

It was developed with funding from the State of South Dakota through a South Dakota Research Innovation Center award and the National Science Foundation (NSF) through an EPSCoR RII Track-1 award. BioSNTR is currently made up of approximately 40 academic researchers utilizing state-of-the-art imaging and bioinformatics. The center is led by an executive team comprised of faculty from the three major research institutions in the state:

SD Logo South Dakota State University

USD Logo University of South Dakota

SDSM&T South Dakota School of Mines and Technology